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The Community Partner Program was developed to meet the unique needs of organizations that wish to increase their environmental stewardship and receive River-Friendly recognition in their community, but do not fit the traditional River-Friendly facility model of a large campus and asphalt parking lot. Such organizations may include small businesses with little to no land footprint, those who share a building, religious organizations, or libraries.

Rather than have baseline requirements, the Community Partner Program is flexible to fit a variety of organizations and property sizes.  The program features three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold; which are met by fulfilling a different number of actions to meet the River-Friendly principles of Water Quality Management, Water Conservation, Wildlife Habitat Enhancement, and Education and Outreach.

Your River-Friendly Coordinator will work with you to help create an action plan for your organization's certification. The program coordinators provide ongoing technical information, educational opportunities, support and guidance for implementing environmental projects specific to the location, resources and needs of the organization.  It is a free, voluntary and collaborative program between the participating organization and the River-Friendly Partnership.


  • Protects natural resources and preserves New Jersey's native landscapes.

  • Provides public recognition for achievements through receipt of a River-Friendly Community Partner window decal and media announcements.

  • Reduces costs by decreasing use of water, fertilizers, pesticides, and areas of mowing.

  • Aides in stormwater runoff reduction and minimizes stormwater pollution.

  • Increases natural habitat and attracts beneficial wildlife.

  • Reduces employee exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.

  • Promotes a positive relationship between the community and the organization.

Certified Participants

  • Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing

  • Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain (Bridgewater)

In Progress Participants

  • Flemington Aluminum

  • M&E Engineering, Inc. (Somerville)

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