River-Friendly Certification Programs promote clean water and a healthy environment through voluntary action by individuals and institutions. To achieve these goals we work one-on-one with residents, businesses, golf courses and schools to improve land stewardship practices. The program works to reduce pollution, conserve water, restore habitat for wildlife and educate the public about becoming better environmental stewards. 

The Watershed Institute (formerly Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association), New Jersey Water Supply Authority and Raritan Headwaters Association have formed a partnership to implement a suite of River-Friendly programs for businesses, golf courses, schools and residents in New Jersey.


What does "River-Friendly" mean to us?

The River-Friendly Programs revolve around four main components with specific goals 



River-Friendly Programs are voluntary and tailored specifically to your home, school, businesses and golf courses. Working in concert, they come to represent a cooperative effort. We provide an opportunity for anyone to become a steward of their water and land and to celebrate any positive environmental actions. Participants receive ongoing technical information and guidance for implementing actions unique to their location, resources and needs.


Manage stormwater on property to reduce

polluted runoff



Decrease indoor and outdoor potable water usage


Enhance property features to support beneficial native species



Share information and encourage environmental stewardship