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Trees in the Ground

On Saturday, April 8th the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association had over 100 volunteers come out to plant trees on their Watershed Reserve in Pennington, NJ. These trees were given to the Association by the NJ Tree Foundation for free as part of a Sandy relief effort that has been going on for years. As part of their Stewardship Plan, developed by FoHVOS Stewardship Director Michael Van Clef, the Association staff is nursing these saplings and re-planting them around the Watershed Reserve where needed to restore forest health. The Association will be re-certified as a River-Friendly site this spring!


About 50 of these trees were given to Princeton Friends School - a participant in the River-Friendly School Program - to plant along the Stony Brook. Their students went out this week to plant sycamores, red oaks, white oaks, red maples, swamp white oaks, flowering dogwoods, buttonbush, and persimmons! This effort is combined with invasive plant removal to restore natural habitats in this important riparian buffer zone. Native trees provide so many benefits: homes for wildlife, food for hundreds of insect species, canopy cover, soil health, carbon sequestration, and much more!

We're so happy to have a network of volunteers and River-Friendly properties that are passionate about the work we do at our organizations across New Jersey. If you're interested in volunteering with a group, please reach out to us! Visit "OUR PARTNERSHIP" or "CONTACT US" to reach a River-Friendly Coordinator.

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