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Princeton Day School Certified at Watershed Level

The River-Friendly School Program made it in the news last week!

"On Monday, November 14, Brittany Musolino from the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association came to campus and announced to the faculty and staff that Princeton Day School had earned the highest level of the River-Friendly School Program Certification, the "Watershed Level," for its work on various water-related, hands-on lessons and projects.

In 2011, PDS earned the River-Friendly Certification at the Bronze Level ("Stream Level") but the school's recent projects, particularly the installation of a new rain garden near the playgrounds and organic garden, earned the school the more than 30 points needed for the highest certification level.

The River-Friendly Certification took into account projects conducted at all grade levels, including the 4th and 9th grade pond studies, stream and canal clean-ups, the applied chemistry water unit, installation of bird and bat houses on campus, a rain barrel bicycle pump in the outdoor classroom, and school-wide composting.

Ms. Musolino presented an award to Head of School Paul Stellato and LS Science teacher Aaron Schomburg, who has led the effort in attaining the river-friendly certification and ensuring responsible environmental stewardship at PDS. A sign with the River-Friendly Certification will be installed on campus in the spring."

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