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Is your organization interested in running your own River-Friendly Programs?
We are here to help! One of our goals is to share this program with others and make all of New Jersey River-Friendly. There is a process to become a River-Friendly Program Coordinator: just follow the steps below.
1. Reach out to one of the existing River-Friendly Coordinators, whose contact information can be found on the "Our Partnership" page. If you are unsure which Coordinator to contact, go with the one closest to your organization's area of work.
2. Identify the program(s) you are interested in coordinating. We recommend starting with the Resident Program because of the public outreach opportunities and hands-off certification approach.
3. Download the appropriate resources for your program(s) and customize to your needs. This may include your watershed area and organization's information.
4. While developing your resources, we ask that you keep the "River-Friendly" program name, logo and give appropriate credit to the organization that assisted you with your program(s) development. You will need approval from said organization before dispersing materials.
5.  Keep in touch with your River-Friendly contact; we will want to be updated on your progress, provide assistance and include you on River-Friendly Program meetings.
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